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sho 10We Tibetans have a special affection for ‘sho” –  more commonly known as yogurt for you non-Tibetan speakers.  For thousands years, our nomadic ancestors have been  making and eating yogurt from milk from their herds of Yak and Dri (female yak). The appropriate way to say  “eat yogurt” … in Tibetan is … “sho daa” – meaning “lick yogurt.”  Yes – this conjures up the image of a young Tibetan drokpa child licking clean a bowl of delicious, tasty “sho” that his mother might have made.  There is nothing better than home-made “sho” – trust me and try it for yourself. 

Making yogurt is actually very easy but it does take quite a bit of patience which sometimes I lack.  Basically, you heat up milk, cool it down, add the yogurt culture, and then let sit for a few hours.

sho 11

Here are some traditional ways to enjoy yogurt ….

  1. Topped with brown sugar
  2. Shom-dae … Warm steamed white rice with yogurt and sugar. Yummmmm
  3. Sho-siben … In a blender, add half  a cup of yogurt, a bunch of cilantro, 3 cloves of garlic, chilli powder, salt, pepper. blend thoroughly to make a delicious hot sauce.
  4. Sho-droma … Boiled droma topped with sho (droma is a wild sweet potato root – particular to Tibetan cuisine.
  5. Pag (Tsampa dough) with sho

Recipe:sho 1

½ Gallon Whole Milk

1 cup yogurt starter (For starter, you can use any yogurt that you like. I used plain whole milk yogurt)

  1. Heat the milk till its almost boiling.sho 2
  2. Let it cool – it should warmer than your body temperature – about 110-120 Fsho 3sho 4
  3. Put the yogurt culture in a cup, add some warm milk to it, stir and then mix this into the warm milk.
  4. Pour this milk into your yogurt container, cover with a lid – doesn’t have to be airtight but just cover it.sho 6
  5. Wrap the container in a cloth, so it’ll keep warm – this helps breed the yogurt culture that forms the yogurt.sho 8
  6. Leave overnight – or few hours (5-6 hours). Once the yogurt has solidified, put it in the fridge and it will firm up even more.sho 9

2 comments on “Sho

  1. whisperingsage
    May 20, 2018

    Gee, sometimes it gets so hot where we live that if I leave regular raw fluid goat milk out and don’t drink it up fast enough, it solidifies and becomes yogurt. So much less work and raw is good for you.

  2. tendartseringportfolio
    March 19, 2014

    Nice blog. Keep up the good job. But one thing, I don’t think Yak do produce milk or for that matter of cheese ( yogurt) because yak is a male animal! Do males produce milk? Hell NO– LOL

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